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Payrolling Services
Ateeca will be payrolling pre-identified candidates and will take full employer responsibility for Workers' and Unemployment Compensation, government taxes, insurance and compliance with applicable laws. Their payroll is processed as usual with other Ateeca employees

Ateeca’s Payrolling Service is simple and designed to be as efficient as possible and is committed to excellence in personalized services, attention to details and responsive to your needs.

Each pay period, either you contact us or we'll contact you at a convenient agreed upon time. Telephone, email, fax or Internet are all acceptable means of communication - whatever is best for you. We need the hours worked by each employee, any changes in payrolls (pay increases, deductions, new hires, etc.). We can even process your Time Cards if you need us to!

We'll normally process the payrolling on the same day as we receive it. We can deliver the payroll details to one or multiple locations by overnight mail. The payroll details will include checks (or pay vouchers for those on direct deposit), accounting summaries, payroll registers and other payment requirements (Taxes, deductions, 3rd party payments etc).We'll prepare and forward a full package of Federal, State, Local tax returns, pension, garnishments etc at the end of each tax period.

Ateeca offers the following solutions to each of our clients: