Technology Focus



ASP.NET, Win Forms, WPF, Silverlight, Ajax

Middleware :

.NET Framework (including WF & CardSpace),COM+ & Windows Services, Commerce Server, Microsoft BizTalk Server

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Ateeca's Financial Services team provides end to end and cost-effective solutions for the Banking Industry to help them comply with regulatory compliance requirements, facilitate Mergers & Acquisitions, enhance business competitiveness and retain promising customers.
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IBM AS/400

Programming :

RPG/400, ILE RPG, RPG/36, COBOL/400, ILE COBOL, COBOL/36, CL, ILE CL, OCL/36, Net.Data, Java, CGIDEV2

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MS SQL Server, Oracle,Microsoft Access, DB2, UDB, mySQL, Postgrex,Informix
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WinRunner,Test Automation Fx, HP Quick Test Professional (QTP), Test Director,Load Runner, Selenium,SuperPreview, BrowserCam, Browser Photo, SiteVista, Browser Photo, SiteVista,Redmine
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