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Optimizing the value chain while complying with regulations and focusing on customer intimacy.

In today’s time and age where the very existence of human race is challenged by novel diseases and pathogens, pharma and life sciences industries have gained much significance. The industry needs best-in-class research and innovations to remain relevant and retain its ability to save lives.

Ateeca is fully geared to take up the challenges faced by the industry and offers tailored solutions for the specific needs of the industry. These solutions help our partners to optimize the value chain by reducing the time to market and costs while complying with regulations and focusing on customer intimacy. The services cover a broad range of areas including research, developmental processes, clinical trials, production and distribution, high-performance information infrastructure, compliance, validation, and e-business.


Best-in-class services for mission critical operations.

HIPAA management
HIPAA Management Solutions
Chemical And Biological Data
Chemical and Biological Data Management System
Prescriber Behavior Analysis And Insight
Prescriber behavior analysis and insight
Customer Relationship Management systems
Sales Data And Claims Data Management Systems
Sales Data and Claims Data management systems
Clinical Data Management Solutions
Clinical Data management Solutions
Clinical Trial Solution
Clinical Trial solutions
Raw Data
Raw Data Capture systems
Adverse Event Reporting Systems
Adverse Event Reporting Systems
Compliance With Meddra Standards
Compliance with MedDRA standards
Pre Assessment
21CFR11 (Pre-assessment, Assessment and Gap Analysis, and Remediation and Testing)
Computer Validator
Computer Systems Validation

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