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Payrolling Services

Ateeca offers reliable payrolling services that are fully compliant with the existing laws and help organizations focus on core areas and relieve them of the time consuming and cumbersome 
payrolling process.

We take full responsibility for Contract Workers’ Compensation, Taxation, Insurance, and 
Unemployment Compensation, among others. Our team collects the wage details, hours of work, deductions, benefits, etc. and handles wage payments and tax filings on behalf of the client organization.
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We can even manage the timecards on behalf of the client organization and accommodate changes in the payrolls (pay increase, deductions, new hires, etc.) and offer secure and convenient communication channels that best suits the organization.

Our detailed payroll includes checks (or pay vouchers for those on direct deposit), accounting summaries, payroll registers and other payment requirements (Taxes, deductions, 3rd party payments, etc). Further, we prepare and forward a full package of Federal, State, Local tax returns, pension, garnishments, etc. at the end of each tax period.

Services We Offer

Data Entry

Data Entry by Phone, Fax, or Internet

Weekly Summary

Weekly, Bi-weekly, or Monthly Payroll Registers and Accounting Summaries

Tax Liabilities

Tax Liability Reports Federal and State

Year End

Year End W2 and Time Card Processing


Garnishments, Deductions, 3rd Party Payment Checks, etc. (at no additional cost)

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit for Each Employee

Delivery Of Checks

Delivery of Checks by Overnight Services to any Location(s)

Customized Payroll

Customized Payroll Records to fit your needs by Location, by Department, etc.

Preperation Of Federal

Preparation of Federal, State and Local Tax Deposits and Reports

Employee Vacation

Employee Vacation and Sick Day Tracking

Advantages of Ateeca’s Requirement Process

Saves Time And Money

Saves Time and Money

Increase Productivity

Increases Productivity & Efficiency of Employees & Company

Reduces In House

Reduces In-house Costs

Improved Tax Savings

Improved Tax Savings

Eliminate Processing Errors

Eliminate Processing Errors

Enhanced Security Data

Enhanced Security to Data

Avoid Irs

Avoid IRS Penalties

Data Security

Data Security & Confidentiality

Choose our Payrolling Services to Spend Less and Save More

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