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Staffing Services

Ateeca has exceptional track record in sourcing, screening and acquiring high-value talent to meet the unique needs of our customers. We serve a broad spectrum of industry segments that include Automotive, Banking & Finance, Pharma & Life Science, Retail, Telecom, Hospitality, Government, Energy and Utilities and ISV/Technology.

This service relieves the pressure on companies and helps them to deploy their internal resources on day-to-day challenges instead of training their staff on special requirements. It allows companies to better utilize their internal resources, increase productivity, lower the costs and improve customer satisfaction levels.
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We provide quality staff capable of delivering top class service to our clients. We also offer flexible business models like Onsite, Onsite and Offsite, Hybrid, ODC (through partner company) to conveniently choose from.



  • Ateeca has an excellent in-house database and subscription to major job portals
  • Dedicated team to head hunt for high value needs



  • Technical interviews and written tests
  • Phone evaluations
  • Unique testing and evaluation criteria for each skill
  • In-depth discussions on previous experience, roles and approach



  • Employ recruiting experts trained from a technical and functional perspective
  • An Account Manager would be dedicated for the client to ensure all the requirements are fulfilled
  • Pre-screen to evaluate technical skills and perform extensive reference checks and confirm candidates fit client’s needs, expectations, and company culture


Resource Management System (RMS)

  • Ateeca leverages its proprietary Resource Management System (RMS), a web-based tool that helps in streamlining and efficiently managing the recruitment process while ensuring strict compliance with client mandated audit process. RMS offers a versatile and affordable way to improve margins by maintaining and tracking the actual workflow of the organization. This includes an applicant tracking system, a resume database, job order tracking, and many more human resource management functions.
  • Ateeca has over a decade’s experience in staffing services that comprises Contract Placements, Contract to Hire Placements and Direct Hire.

Contract Placement

Contract Placements help businesses hire talent for a specific span of time or project.

It does not involve the same level of commitment as an
employer-employee relationship and eases the burden of paying taxes as a regular employee.

Core Compentencies

Professional contingency workforce management

Domestic & international

Customized contracts/engagements
and hiring solutions

Access to a vast
database of candidates

Advantages of Ateeca’s Contract Placement


Compliance with statutory regulations

Cost Advantage

Cost advantage

Helps Find

Helps find the right fit

Offers Flexibility

Offers flexibility in staffing

Creates Availability In House

Creates availability of
in-house HR staff for other tasks

Access To Database

Access to a vast database of candidates

Contract To Hire

Contract to Hire Placements

Contract-to-hire placements is an agreement under which an employee will work under an agency for the agency’s client for a fixed tenure. At the end of that period, the client decides if the employee will be hired as a permanent employee or dismiss the contract. It is an ideal option for organizations who wish to undertake a real time assessment of the capabilities of candidates before hiring a permanent employee. It reduces the liability and improves the ability to choose the right candidate suitable for the organization.

Advantages of Ateeca’s Contract to Hire Placements

Trial Period

Trial period before permanent commitment

Cost Effective

Cost Effective


Experiential decision making related to hiring

Offers Flexibility

Offers flexibility

Access To Qualified Talents

Access to qualified talent

Direct Hire

Direct Hire

Here, an organization hires employees on a permanent basis and hence the employees directly enter the payroll of the organization. While on contract hiring or contract to hire, employees enter the payroll of the hiring agency.

Advantages of Ateeca’s Direct Hire

Saves Efforts

Saves efforts and costs

Permanent Positions

Permanent positions attract talent

More Committed

More committed and loyal employees

Save Time

Saves time and resources

Niche Positions

Helps fill hard to find, niche positions

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