Finding answers to the complex problems faced by the Telecom Industry.

No other industry has transformed our lives in recent times than the telecom industry. With the introduction of smartphones and Internet, the telecom industry has revolutionized the way we communicate, shop, learn and run businesses, among others. The industry has huge potential in networking, hardware infrastructure and data analytics. However, data security, uninterrupted network coverage and seamless connectivity are some of the challenges faced by the industry.

Team Ateeca, over the years, has acquired unique capabilities in delivering customized services and solutions to the telecom industry. Our telecom and wireless clients have reaped rich dividends from these services by improving operational efficiency, reduced time to market and more.


Delivering efficiency through customized solutions.

Hardware And Firmware Development
Terminal Software Development
Communication Protocol Development And Interfaces
Digital Multi-Access Radio Telephone (DMART), UHF, VHE Multi Access Radio Relay (MARR)
Software Development For Embedded Controllers
Real-Time OS Development
Network Management And Network Solutions
Service Management System For Customer Support And Maintenance


Embedded System Software
Embedded System Software: Telecom and networking software embedded on customized Hardware built around real-time OS like VxWorks, pSOS, pSOS+, CDOS, lynx, RTOS, qnx, OS9, RTEMS, CMX on Motorola and Intel-based boards.
Object-oriented Business Solutions
Object-oriented Business Solutions: Involving three-tier client/server architectures, distributed middleware, and business objects for scalability, performance, and reliability.
Systems Utilities
Systems Utilities: Compilers, editors, debuggers.
Networking: Network management systems, routers, bridges, switches, ATMs, frame relays, remote access.
Network Applications
Network Applications: Electronic mail, directory services, data backup and retrieval, file transfer, and exchange, file sharing.
Software Porting
Software Porting: Migrating applications and software between Windows and UNIX platforms.
Internet Commerce Solutions
Internet Commerce Solutions: Which employ security, electronic data interchange, digital signatures, electronic archiving, electronic payment, and intelligent agents.
Intranets with Web-based Interfaces
Intranets with Web-based Interfaces: Accessing the information on remote databases to empower all levels and functional areas of an organization.

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