IT Services

Ateeca offers an array of services to discerning customers in leading edge information technology segment including product development, application development and management, embedded systems, mobile device management, and more.

Organizations need a reliable partner in their mission critical IT services since speed, efficiency and flexibility are becoming the key factors determining the success of an organization. That is exactly where Ateeca come into picture. Ateeca offers the following services to the IT industry.


Product Development

Ateeca has the right capabilities in product development starting from conceptualization to design through development and management. Our service is highly efficient and cost-effective and with our commitment to quality and timely delivery of projects, we provide a competitive edge to our customers.


Application Development & Management

Team Ateeca leverages cutting-edge technology, in-depth research and a modern approach in developing new apps and modernizing legacy apps. Our service covers application migration, integration and enhancements. We can also provide performance engineering and enhancement services.


Internet & Emerging Technologies

Ateeca has capabilities in IoT and Big Data Analysis, Data Management and Data Warehousing Services that offer accurate and timely information enabling organizations take informed decisions.


Enterprise Offerings

Ateeca’s enterprise solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate various business processes across departments and in multiple platforms. Our enterprise application integration services improve the business process and information technology structure to stay ahead in the marketplace. These solutions enable real-time better data retrieval throughout the organization for better management.


ISV Partnerships

As an Independent Software Vendor, Ateeca partners with organizations in developing software for advanced technology platforms including cloud platform. We offer highly flexible and customisable services to our customers.



Ateeca offers expert IT consulting services providing a tech-driven digital strategy, enhancing/improving software architecture and streamlining operations to enhance productivity and profitability. Our seasoned software engineers will partner with you in defining and creating a technology roadmap that best suits your organization and through careful planning and effective execution of the strategy, augment digital transformation.


Support & Training

Agility and efficiency are the keywords driving the software industry. Keeping pace with the evolving trends and managing IT infrastructure, processes and operations determine the success of an organization. Ateeca offers support and training services in Server Management, Database Services, Network Security and Support, Desktop Services, and more. These services can be customized to suit the unique needs of the organization

Advantages of Ateeca’s IT Services

Improve Application Stability

Improve application stability

Better Allocate Resources Toward Business Critical Needs

Better allocate resources toward business-critical needs

Deliver New Apps

Deliver new apps

Balance The Cost And Complexity Of Your Digital Transformation

Balance the cost and complexity of your digital transformation

Migrate And Evolve Applications More Easily

Migrate and evolve applications more easily

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction

Modernize Your Legacy Apps

Modernize your legacy apps

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