Recruitment Processing Outsourcing

Ateeca’s core competence is recruitment and professional staffing, and we undertake outsourced management of the recruitment process (in whole or part).

Outsourcing helps organizations to reduce costs, improve quality and efficiency of service and offers opportunities for scaling up their operations. For over a decade we have been offering reliable service to a broad client base in the Finance, Insurance, Energy, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Retail, and Services Industries.

Ateeca offers technology, methodology and staff to meet the human resource requirements of several prestigious organizations.

This service saves valuable time and funds of the organization and relieves the organization from the burdens of recruitment & process.

Core Compentencies

Requisition Management

Pre-screening / Evaluation

Provides Recruiting Scalability


Recruitment Administration

Onboarding / Procurement



Reduced Cost Of Hiring

Reduced Cost Of Hiring

Reduced Time To Hire

Reduced Time To Hire

Better Accountability And Management

Better Accountability And Management

Better Quality Of Recruitment

Better Quality Of Recruitment

Recruiting Scalability

Recruiting Scalability

Drive Innovation

Drive Innovation

Increases Top-Line Revenue Due To Quicker Key Hires

Increases Top-Line Revenue Due To Quicker Key Hires


In-House Database

Ateeca has an excellent in-house database and subscription to major job portals


Recruiting Experts

Employs recruiting experts trained from a technical and functional perspective


Recruiting Technology

Uses state-of-the-art recruiting technology, including our proprietary RMS (Resource Management System), a web-based tool which helps in streamlining and efficiently manage recruitment process ensuring strict compliance with a client mandated audit process



Dedicated team to head hunt for high value needs



The product offers a complete, versatile, and affordable way to improve profitability by maintaining and tracking actual workflow in the organization. The Solution also includes all the productivity necessities: an applicant tracking system, a resume database, job order tracking, and countless other human capital management functions



Pre-screen to evaluate technical skills and perform extensive reference checks and confirm candidates fit client’s needs, expectations, and company culture

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